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versandkostenfrei ab 300,00 EUR in Deutschland
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2% Rabatt bei Vorkasse

TSC begins selling TA200 and TA300 desktop printer to the Americas and EMEA

TSC Auto ID Technology has begun selling its latest low-cost desktop label printer – the TA200 Series – to customers in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The durable, user-friendly printers are ideally suited for a wide range of retail, office, warehouse and healthcare label applications.

A choice of two models

The TA200 Series features two models: TA200 (203 dpi) and TA300 (300 dpi). The TA200 prints at 4 inches per second and is designed for a wide variety of everyday applications, including shipping labels, compliance labeling and retail marking. The high-resolution TA300 model is designed to print detailed graphics as well as small fonts and barcodes, while operating at speeds up to 3 inches per second. Both models feature 8 MB of operating memory and 4 MB of FLASH memory storage.

The TA200 series’ sleek design features two rugged gear-driven motors that are capable of handling 300 meter large-capacity ribbons and large rolls of media. The 5" interior label capacity can be expanded by adding an external media unwinder capable of handling 8.4" OD label rolls normally used by more expensive industrial label printers.

Modular design for customized applications

Because of its modular design, the TA200’s print mechanism and ribbon handler can function outside the printer housing. The print and ribbon module (which can be ordered separately) can be easily removed from the printer for use in kiosk or low-cost "print and apply" applications.

Low initial cost, low lifetime cost, standard two-year warranty

The TA200/TA300 offers a low initial price, uses the most cost-effective supplies available and features a standard two-year warranty. The culmination of more than 20 years of design experience, this virtually trouble-free printer is built to last. Once it’s plugged in, there’s no need to worry about it.

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